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Imagine being able to coordinate multiple video projects with ease while maintaining consistency around branding guidelines and production quality. Global CVM is a video marketing agency with two congruent missions:

1 – Simplify video content generation

for innovative companies with contributors, clients and events in various markets across the country. With a unique mobile studio concept, we deploy teams of video professionals by request anywhere in North America at all-inclusive and highly competitive rates.

2 – Provide guidance and ongoing support

in planning, executing and sustaining successful video strategies. B2B Video Marketing is a serious undertaking. Our job is to help maximize your budget and ensure positive outcomes. With our streamlined processes and proven methods, you are guaranteed video marketing success.

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How to build a winning video strategy
The Roadmap to Video Marketing Success   Video is the most efficient business communication tool out there and its dominance over digital marketing can no longer be ignored. An estimated 96% of B2B companies are planning to incorporate video into their marketing strategies this year.  Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. It is definitely time to get serious about video marketing, but wait – How do you actually increase sales and grow your business with…
Let’s evolve the way we communicate business values
Let’s evolve the way we communicate business values?   The average consumer is being bombarded every minute of each day with vast amounts of digital content. For most businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture and retain the attention of a target audience long enough to expect any tangible result in term of marketing and sales. Face it – the modern human has a very limited attention span. Traditional advertising, cold calling, Social media, even email campaigns often fail to…
The truth about video marketing
The truth about video marketing   Everyone by now has caught wind of the buzz around video. Most industry leaders are predicting 2017 to be THE year of video. We’ve all seen the stats on how video is rapidly growing in relevance and the euphoria over its influence in the near future. An article published by HubSpot earlier this year is a great way to summarize the current state of video. [Read here] With all the excitement, one can’t help…
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Secrets to a winning video strategy – eBook
This eBook was published as a way to assist digital marketers, PR professionals, investor relations coordinators and corporate event planners, simplify the increasingly complex equations involved in timely video content generation.


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