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Video Marketing Blog:
What is video Marketing? How can one define and execute a winning video strategy? How do you leverage video content for sustainable lead generation? These are questions that most business leaders are actively trying to find answers to.  Our mission at Global CVM is not limited to simplified video content generation. We also strive to help educate companies worldwide on the best practices and methods that facilitate video marketing success.

Video Marketing Wake up Call

The video wake up call – will snoozers be losers?

About 15 years ago I spearheaded a startup that focused on designing websites for small businesses. Our cold-calling script was very simple and straightforward: “do you have a website?” Back then that question was pertinent because over 60% of local small businesses did not have a website. In most cases the owners simply did not see the value of having an online presence. Shocking – If you look at it from today’s perspective. A few years later SEO became THE…

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GLobal CVM Video Marketing

Why is video marketing not working for you?

Despite the buzz around video and the mouthwatering statistics, why are most organizations still reluctant to fully commit to video as the cornerstone of their lead generation and business development strategy? Numbers don’t lie videos are awesome! right? Well not everyone is convinced of the undeniable awesomeness of video. In many cases, those who invested in video for a while failed to see significant ROI so they gave up and reverted back to old methods. The monumental disappointment led many…

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Sales Funnel & Lead Generation with Video Marketing

Aren’t you tired of all the overstated video statistics flooding the internet? “More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.” WHO CARES? How is this meaningful to your business? What does it do for your bottom line? – absolutely nothing. As a generation of marketers and business leaders, we are completely missing the point. Videos are great tools for digital marketing in general and perform exceptionally well on social media however; is it getting you…

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Boost sales with video marketing

How to Boost Sales With Video Testimonials & Case Studies

What can marketers do to help the sales teams perform better? Let’s consider this chart, in which you’ll see 44% of sales people tell the marketing team they need better messaging, 37% say that they need better marketing materials, 35% say they want more case studies and testimonials and 34% say they want more vertical and industry related marketing content. – Source What’s the difference between a case study and a testimonial? Case studies usually revolve around use cases. The…

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Video Marketing ROI

How to Determine Video Marketing ROI

[Stacey] Value-ology is all about teaching marketers and sales professionals how to create and deliver a compelling value proposition. We’ve created a formula called MUSICAL: M stands for monetary – measuring the value that you’re providing. U stands for unique – meaning it can’t be the message as your competitors. S is for spend or cost – how much your solution actually costs. I stands for impact – what impact will it have on your customers business. C stands for…

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Video Marketing Strategy

How to Uncover Your Video Needs

Uncover Video Needs – The purpose of this article is not to convince anyone to investing money into video. The value of video in digital marketing is well established. What we’re trying to do here is cover the “HOW”. There’s so much noise out there and the industry is changing quite rapidly. How do you navigate the clutter and find the right formula for your company? Video on its own is not a solution. It’s a tool; so in order…

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Lead Generation with Data-Driven Video Marketing

How to use data to win with video Say you’ve just published a video online – How did it perform the first 24 to 48 hours? What percentage of it is being watched? What can you learn about the people watching it? What are their age groups? If you’re targeting young people 13 to 18 years old but for some reason the folks interacting with your content are mostly in their 50s, there must be something you should do to…

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Video Case Study – the power of video in the Tech space

Video Case Study – How to leverage video content in the Tech Industry Synoptek is a full service IT management company ranging from IT outsourcing, Cloud and Cyber Security. Synoptek provides IT lifecycle management for companies that rely heavily on technology – they have a high need for up time, availability and performance of their IT systems. These types of companies have no tolerance for downtime – they are looking to innovate and grow their business through technology solutions. Our…

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How to build a winning video strategy

The Roadmap to B2B Video Marketing Success   Video is the most efficient business communication tool out there and its dominance over digital marketing can no longer be ignored. An estimated 96% of B2B companies are planning to incorporate video into their marketing strategies this year.  Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. It is definitely time to get serious about video marketing, but wait – How do you actually increase sales and grow your business…

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Take the 70 Seconds Video Challenge

Take this video challenge Let’s evolve the way we communicate business values?   The average consumer is being bombarded every minute of each day with vast amounts of digital content. For most businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture and retain the attention of a target audience long enough to expect any tangible result in term of marketing and sales. Face it – the modern human has a very limited attention span. Traditional advertising, cold calling, Social media, even email…

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