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With corporate events, expectations run high leaving little room for error. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced the malfunctioning microphones, the frozen PowerPoint presentations and the list goes on. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Global CVM provides AV (Audio Visual) equipment and services for corporate meetings, events, conferences seminars and more. We assist you in determining exactly what is required for you specific needs.

From sound systems to monitors and visual presentations we not only provide the equipment, we take ownership of the overall experience by being present and making sure things run smoothly from beginning to end.

If you have a corporate event coming up in the Denver area and need AV services
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Our Services

• B2B Video Marketing
• Nationwide Video Production
• Corporate Events Video Coverage
• Case Studies & Video Testimonials
• Live HD Streaming
• Animated Explainer Videos

Our Strengths

• Strategic Planning & Support
• Simplified Video Content Generation
• Nationwide Coverage
• B2B Marketing Expertise
• Hassle-free Budgeting
• Experienced Staff
• Solutions & Results Driven

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