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Our main focus is to help innovative organizations worldwide tackle complex marketing, PR and Business development challenges through targeted video storytelling. Global CVM is a Video Marketing Agency with two complementary missions:

1 – Simplify video content production

Global CVM makes corporate video production easy and affordable. We use state-of-the-art equipment to film and produces videos in full HD & 4K.

2 – Build successful video marketing strategies

B2B Video Marketing is a serious undertaking. It requires a high level of domain expertise. Our objective therefore is to help maximize your budget and ensure positive outcomes.


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The often hidden challenges of B2B Video Marketing

Though video seems like a no-brainer, many companies are still struggling with HOW to utilize it properly. Let’s take a closer look and identify the biggest challenges organizations face today:

EXPERTISE – Most companies manage to hiring well qualified individuals. However, there are usually communications gaps between departments. To a staff that is not trained to manage the logistics of video production on a regular basis, trying to “figure it out” ends up being counterproductive. The expertise component is often missing so it all turns into a painful guessing game. Usually in this scenario, the subject of video gets brought up in meetings then slowly fades into obscurity. Due to a lack of knowledgeable leadership and clear directions, too many video strategies fail to produce tangible results.

TIME – Everyone on your payroll already has a full-time job. Providing on-going support for video projects is simply impossible to many departments. There isn’t enough hours in each workday to add on new sets of responsibilities involving tasks that are vaguely familiar. In those case, projects get initiated, followed by endless email trails but never come to fruition.

BUDGET – When it comes to money, there’s often not enough. Believe it or not, limited financial support is not the biggest challenge companies face with budgeting. Think about hourly rates, travel expenses, equipment, pre-production meetings or postproductions costs. A relatively small video project can quickly become a billing nightmare. Most managers would rather avoid that level of stress in Q 1 or Q2 so consequently, video production ends up being postponed for months or even years.

LOGISTICS – Most companies have offices, events, clients and contributors in different locations across the country, sometimes all over the world. Each video project may require finding a service provider in different markets. Coordinating schedules, travel arrangements, and service agreements can be a daunting task even to the most seasoned project managers. With so many moving parts, maintaining consistency in production quality, branding guidelines and workflow becomes a tall order.

SUPPORT – Implementing a successful video strategy requires a company-wide commitment. Unfortunately, due to little or no support from high-level executives, getting the right budget and strategic resources approved and allocated can become a game of cat and mouse. This often results in poorly executed campaigns that often fail to reach expected goals.

Smart business leaders greatly benefit from applying a very simple principle:
“focus on what you do best and let experts do the rest.”

Why Global CVM?

At Global CVM we are B2B video marketing experts. Building an in-house production team can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Even with that investment, you may still find yourself behind the eight ball when it comes to fresh ideas and latest industry trends. Here are the benefits you can expect from our services:

  • Decades worth of combined experience with relevant projects and industries
  • Consulting and strategic project planning
  • Unprecedented flexibility with reaction time and execution
  • Nationwide coverage and support
  • Hassle-free and all-inclusive pricing
  • Industry’s best practices combined with proven methods
  • State-of-the-art equipment with Live, HD and even 4K capabilities

Any digital content today has a short shelf life. Why spend $37,000 on one big production? Instead, let’s take the time to carve out a smart strategy and build produce budget-friendly assets to serve specific purposes throughout the year.

Get out of the guessing game and make your life easier by engaging Global CVM as your video content partner. Let us help you develop a game-changing video strategy. Here are some examples of valuable corporate video assets:

Public-facing Video Assets

Internal Video Assets

  • Company Overview 
  • Client Testimonials
  • Solutions Overview
  • Thought Leadership Messages
  • Events Promotion
  • Explainer Videos
  • Educational Content
  • Sales Presentations
  • Social Media
  • Case Studies
  • Executive Messages 
  • Product Launch
  • Training Modules
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Knowledge bank
  • New Client Onboarding


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