Why Hire a Video Marketing Agency?

Due to an increasing demand for video content, businesses are forced to embrace a new paradigm. The industry is changing rapidly and most marketing departments are struggling to keep up hence an emergence the video agency.

The video marketing conundrum

When it comes to utilizing video efficiently, organizations often find themselves hopelessly trying find cohesion between multiple organizational silos:

  • Marketing managers are not video experts but need help getting the message out.
  • Production folks are not marketing specialists. Most videographers went to film school.
  • CEOs want results but are often out of touch with what it takes to win with video.
  • Finance departments have a hard time approving budgets for projects that show no immediate impact on revenue growth.
  • Sales reps are poorly educated on how to utilize video to generate new leads and close deals.

Video marketing comes with numerous tactical challenges:

  • Shortage of dedicated personnel
  • Counterproductive and damaging DIY mistakes
  • Lack of directional leadership and vision
  • Poor management of budget and resources
  • Lack of proactive strategies
  • Complex Logistical equations
  • Mismanaged communications
  • Reactive execution leading to dreadful results
  • Struggles with budget approval
  • Insufficient staff training and on-going education

The role of a Video Marketing Agency

In the business world, it is wiser to focus on the things you do best and let domain experts plug a few holes in specific areas. Yes you do have a very qualified marketing staff and yes you can afford to produce videos in-house however, are you making the right investments in guaranteeing future success?

The stakes are getting higher than ever therefore, mishaps may carry long-lasting consequences. With the help of our video marketing solutions, you’ll have the support and knowledge necessary to lay solid foundations for a prolific video marketing plan.

  • Strategy consulting
  • Creative input
  • High quality production
  • Budget planning
  • Impeccable project management
  • Digital marketing expertise
  • Logistical strategy
  • Distribution and asset management

A Video Marketing Agency serves as a workflow optimizer that bridges the gap between disparate operational units in order to establish seamless processes. The goal is to built a strategy around your specific needs. In addition, you’ll get great ideas and learn best practices from years of experience around the industry’s highest standards.

The value of video in digital communications is only going to increase with time. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of our proven methods? Let us help you implement and sustain a winning video strategy.

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