5 Tips to Help Improve Your Video Marketing in 2020

As we embark on a new decade of video marketing, it is paramount to reevaluate our methods and find ways to generate greater impact. Here are five tips that will help improve your video content strategy in 2020 and beyond:


Show that you care about your audience and their challenges. Even with B2B endeavors, you’re still targeting PEOPLE with your message. Displaying a genius concern for their issues and focusing on solving their problems goes a long way.


No two companies are alike. As much as we wanted to learn from others and copy what works, we must showcase what’s unique about our organization, our services or our products. Whether it’s through visual representation or delivery styles, you must stay authentic to your value proposition and to the brand.


Consumers today are more informed than ever before in history. In-depth industry knowledge is readily available to anyone, and folks are doing their own research before making any major buying decision. Because of this, all information published must be accurate and honest. Trust is the universal currency of all business transactions – let’s focus on building trust and credibility with our video strategies.


Whether it’s for educational content or awareness campaigns; commit to a delivery schedule and stick to it. Fight the urge of getting sidetracked by other priorities throughout the year. Don’t get distracted. It does take time and resource to keep the motor running however; consistency is the key to video marketing success.


Last but not least; stay abreast of the news, trends and day to day changes within your industry. Make sure to tailor your material to the needs your audience at any given moment. Is it Q1, Q2 or Q3? Are the holidays around the corner? What’s the current state of their industries? The more you manage to bring solutions to on-going challenges, the more your audience will find value in interacting with your video content.

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