Take the 70 Seconds Video Challenge

Take this video challenge
Let’s evolve the way we communicate business values?


The average consumer is being bombarded every minute of each day with vast amounts of digital content. For most businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture and retain the attention of a target audience long enough to expect any tangible result in term of marketing and sales.

Face it – the modern human has a very limited attention span. Traditional advertising, cold calling, Social media, even email campaigns often fail to meet expectations. It goes without saying that organizations operating in the B2B space must adapt to the new rules imposed by a fast-changing business world. This is exactly where most enterprises stumble.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

How do we communicate value in a consist and easily digestible yet convincing way? The key is to deliver your pitch within a limited timeframe utilising video in a tactical manner to pique the interest of your potential buyers and clients.

According to a research published recently by Hubspotvideos under 90 seconds long have over 5 times the retention rates of those that last longer. The 70 Seconds Challenge was introduced by Global CVM as way to help innovative companies convey game-changing corporate messages and thrive in their respective industries.

A smart use of video is extremely important in promoting your brand and building trust in a competitive digital ecosystem. With video expected to account for 80% of overall internet traffic by 2020, Imagine what you can accomplish with just 70 seconds.

70 Seconds Challenge


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