Sales Funnel & Lead Generation with Video Marketing

Aren’t you tired of all the overstated video statistics flooding the internet? “More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.” WHO CARES? How is this meaningful to your business? What does it do for your bottom line? – absolutely nothing. As a generation of marketers and business leaders, we are completely missing the point. Videos are great tools for digital marketing in general and perform exceptionally well on social media however; is it getting you new sales?

Each video asset must be produced within the perimeter of a well-defined strategy and every video strategy has to be deployed with purpose, and specific goals. Chances are, you are not following this rule.

In most organizations the duties of video content generation falls within the responsibilities of the marketing department. Unfortunately most marketing teams are overworked, understaffed and lack a sense of direction when it comes to video since they are playing catch up most of the year. This leads to poorly executed video projects initiated in “reactive” mode that often fail to hit the mark and produce any tangible result. With this approach, you are undoubtedly wasting money on video. Not only that, you’re forcing the finance department to cut budgets next year.

What is the ultimate purpose of all video marketing efforts?

Answer: LEAD GENERATION and higher SALES conversions. The rest is extra; icing on the cake. This means, the real driver behind video projects should be the Sales department – Right? Well let’s analyze a typical B2B sales funnel to come up with a logical answer.

Sales Funnel Video Marketing Lead Generation

The key to a winning video strategy is synergy; a well-orchestrated web connecting stakeholders and contributors from all significant organs within the company including: the C-suite, Finance, Products or Solutions Management, HR, PR, of course Sales and Marketing.

No organization can survive a poorly performing sales department for long. It’s only a matter of time before things start to collapse in domino effect. Using the sales funnel as blueprint helps us determine how to leverage video for lead generation and overall company growth. By making video an important part of the corporate culture, all vital components of your business end up benefiting greatly.


From top-of-the-funnel all the way to a closing signature and beyond, take your audience on a journey. Grab their attention, retain it, and lead them to a desired outcome. Share new ideas, knowledge, solutions to real problems, leadership inspirations and growth opportunities. It’ll takes more than an isolated interview from 5 years ago to move the needle with video. Talk to a video marketing expert to get on the right path to exponential business growth by utilizing video the right way.

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