How to Uncover Your Video Needs

Uncover Video Needs – The purpose of this article is not to convince anyone to investing money into video. The value of video in digital marketing is well established. What we’re trying to do here is cover the “HOW”. There’s so much noise out there and the industry is changing quite rapidly. How do you navigate the clutter and find the right formula for your company?

Video on its own is not a solution. It’s a tool; so in order to expect any tangible results from it you must utilize said tool with a well-defined strategy.

Imagine having a big project around the house or at the office and you decided to go the DIY route. First, assess your situation – what exactly is your goal? From there, determine what tools are needed to complete the task. It’s the same thing with video. In order to uncover your needs, take the time to assess your current situation:

  • branding
  • reputation
  • public image
  • financial objectives
  • milestones

Combine those elements, determine what is necessary, then acquire the right tools for the job. In terms of video you must look at the types of assets that will help you reach your objectives:

  • Client testimonials
  • Educational content
  • Promotional videos
  • Company overview
  • Founders philosophy

At this point, get the right production partner, agree on a budget, have a schedule in place and start producing the assets. Before long you’ll have something to work with and that’s the exciting part.

Now you must have a smart distribution strategy for all your video assets. Start from YouTube, the company website then social media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Take advantage of any platform out there that puts your videos in front of the most eyeballs – the bigger the audience the better. With your video content out on the internet for public consumption, you now need to closely monitor viewer behaviors and performance data.

In conclusion we’ve determined that video on its own is not a solution – it’s a tool – maybe a very important tool especially when it comes to B2B marketing, but it is a tool nonetheless, so take the approach of assessing your needs, acquiring the right tools for your specific needs, utilizing and perfecting the use of the tools and finding ways to create processes so you can continue to have sustainable positive results.

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