Video Case Study – the power of video in the Tech space

Video Case Study – How to leverage video content in the Tech Industry

Synoptek is a full service IT management company ranging from IT outsourcing, Cloud and Cyber Security. Synoptek provides IT lifecycle management for companies that rely heavily on technology – they have a high need for up time, availability and performance of their IT systems. These types of companies have no tolerance for downtime – they are looking to innovate and grow their business through technology solutions.

Our Services are very difficult to explain. With our service offering videos, you’re hearing from the experts on our team about exactly what we’re able to deliver, how we deliver it and why we deliver it.

Some examples of video assets we’ve produce are:

  • Video case study
  • Video testimonials
  • Service offering overviews
  • Messaging from our CEO and leadership teams

videos that portray the true identity of Synoptek and what we’re about. There’s really three audiences our videos are intended for: – Buyers or customers
– our Partners
– our Employees

There’s a real ecosystem where all our video assets live:
They’re on our website on the Central Learning Resources page, helping us improve our SEO and Google rankings. They’re on our partners websites as well. Videos are also available in the partner portal to help clarify things and educate various teams on what we deliver. We also showcase videos in our internal wiki so employees are seeing success stories, updates on our service offerings leading to a noticeable confidence boost and a sense of pride within our organization.


Whenever we have new video content we upload it to YouTube – targeting viewers that fit our buyer persona, their interests companies they follow, keywords they actively search for.

YouTube is a valuable resource more as a search engine than a simple video sharing platform. Much of the content on YouTube is being distributed for educational purposes so we focus on getting our videos in front of the right audience through pay-per-click and a smart use of organic keywords. Whenever buyers start doing research, they find and utilize our videos to educate their staff on potential changes and threats in the technology world and how Synoptek can help.

Developing historically popular material such as white papers and webinars is great but being unable to properly distribute your content to the right audience will render your efforts useless. From our experience, it is very costly to promote white papers and webinars across large audiences. With video we’re able to target a much larger market nationwide and help grow the brand.

Video ROI

The big challenge for every marketer is to accurately calculate ROI. How does Synoptek determine video ROI? We’ve been able to see higher conversion rates throughout all our pay-per-click video campaigns. Strategically, we can easily track the number of new prospects generated in targeted regions where we’re trying to grow our footprint and strengthen the brand. In general, we’ve benefited from improved SEO, increased overall quality of leads through organic traffic and paid video campaigns.

Tyler Suss
Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager      ­­­­
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