Lead Generation with Data-Driven Video Marketing

How to use data to win with video

Say you’ve just published a video online – How did it perform the first 24 to 48 hours? What percentage of it is being watched? What can you learn about the people watching it? What are their age groups? If you’re targeting young people 13 to 18 years old but for some reason the folks interacting with your content are mostly in their 50s, there must be something you should do to adjust. You wouldn’t know until you start to look at the data.

You may have testimonials, educational content and some corporate image type assets. If you’ve notice that most of your interactions are coming from the educational content. Going into next year it makes sense to sit down and ponder: since we’re having so much success with educational videos, instead of spending 20 to 30 thousand dollars on a corporate image commercial, why don’t we allocate that budget to educational content? That’s where the value is. Should we make them shorter or longer? Should we spend more time on the introduction? Should we change the presentation? Is it too wordy or flashy? Is it not crisp enough?

Overtime, you’ll have a big enough picture to understand how your videos are being consumed. With that information, start making actionable decisions and implementing changes when necessary. Have meetings about how to plan better and stay ahead.

Content syndication can be geo-targeted. An asset may be activated on YouTube for Canada or Europe only and this goes for any other country or region, even in different languages. You’ll be able to gain insight into what is needed to conquer all those markets. One of the advantages of the digital world is the ability to test a campaign with a relatively small budget, learn from it then perhaps propose solutions based on facts and data that can be verified. International distribution requires a significant amount of research around your target audience: What’s different? Is it language? Is it culture? Is it the ways your content is being consumed?

Trying to concoct the ultimate formula an intricate game of cat and mouse where you constantly adjust, learn, do this or that until you find that secret sauce. Once you have figured out what works and how, frame it. Start creating processes around it. If you can automate some of the tasks, got for it. Have a list of steps to be taken when there is new video material available. Have a distribution roadmap in place; a reference guide with defined processes that employees will follow to find out how to prepare content for distribution and how to manage videos internally. These processes will protect you from having to reinvent the wheel each time.

In Conclusion:

Let’s imagine that you’ve gone through the discovery phase, understood what’s needed and produced captivating videos. You’ve tracked all performances, analyzed the data and made adjustments when necessary. You must now create a box where it’s established: “this is how we do things”. In the corporate world, people come and go but the processes and best practices will remain. The most important thing is that once you find a winning formula, manage, sustain and repeat it so you can keep having the same results. Be open to fine-tuning and improvements. Always strive to better understanding your audience and react to its needs in a positive and planned manner.

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