How to Boost Sales With Video Testimonials & Case Studies

What can marketers do to help the sales teams perform better?

Let’s consider this chart, in which you’ll see 44% of sales people tell the marketing team they need better messaging, 37% say that they need better marketing materials, 35% say they want more case studies and testimonials and 34% say they want more vertical and industry related marketing content.


What’s the difference between a case study and a testimonial?

Case studies usually revolve around use cases. The are more focused on the actual project; what was done and what the outcomes were. In a way it educates a set of people, usually in a certain vertical about how to address a challenge using specific solutions.

Testimonials are mainly driven by the relationship between an organization and its client. A testimonial can be as short as 30 seconds – “they are great at what they do and we’re very happy with the experience”. A case study however has to provide an in-debt analysis and truly breakdown exactly what the project was about, what the challenges were, what solutions were implemented and the outcome.

In some cases, we see a combination of both where you have a testimonial that also deciphers the use case and these usually end up being about 2 to 3 minutes long. Either way, these both types assets are extremely valuable to any sales team. Beyond that, there’s something powerful about peer advise. When people from a particular industry see their peers using a set of products or solutions in a certain way it definitely helps them make educated decisions, takes the guessing out of their decision-making and it builds trust. These are the reasons why in many instances, especially in the b2b space testimonials and case studies are very powerful tools to have.


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