How to build a winning video strategy

The Roadmap to B2B Video Marketing Success


Video is the most efficient business communication tool out there and its dominance over digital marketing can no longer be ignored. An estimated 96% of B2B companies are planning to incorporate video into their marketing strategies this year.  Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined.

It is definitely time to get serious about video marketing, but wait – How do you actually increase sales and grow your business with video? In reality, winning with video is a process. One that requires smart planning, precise execution and a serious dose of consistency. Here’s a roadmap to video marketing success.

It all start with DISCOVERY. Take an honest look at yourself or your company. Determine your NEEDS based on the initial

assessment then come up with a list of video assets to help convey your CORE CORPORATE MESSAGE or CCM.

Allocate a BUDGET then create a PRODUCTION schedule from Q1 through Q4. Once you have useable videos produced, you must layout a DISTRIBUTION strategy. Don’t forget to LEVERAGE all available assets through Direct communications, Sales presentations or Events.

With your videos available for public consumption, TRACK interactions and ADJUST based on reactions and audience behaviors.  Focus future efforts on better performing formulas. Build processes around items that produce the best tangible results and BE CONSISTENT. When in doubt, reach out to an expert or hire a video marketing agency. Videos open doors to new business opportunities and spark unprecedented growth. Take action now to improve your video strategy.


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