Why is video marketing not working for you?

Despite the buzz around video and the mouthwatering statistics, why are most organizations still reluctant to fully commit to video as the cornerstone of their lead generation and business development strategy?

Numbers don’t lie videos are awesome! right? Well not everyone is convinced of the undeniable awesomeness of video. In many cases, those who invested in video for a while failed to see significant ROI so they gave up and reverted back to old methods. The monumental disappointment led many sales and marketing leaders to a “neither here, nor there” attitude toward the medium.

WHY? Why isn’t video performing like the marketing gurus prophesied? The reality is – most businesses simply haven’t cracked to code on video success. If there was a video marketing oracle, here are some pitfalls it would point out:

  • Misguided Expectations
    Posting one of two videos on YouTube or your website won’t make the phone ring off the hook, or fill up your mailbox with sales inquiries. It simply doesn’t work that way. Those who were expecting to automatically get new leads because of one amazing video ended up extremely frustrated.
  • Short-term Strategies
    Before you spend any money on video make sure you have a plan in place that will take you to distant. Pulling off one jaw-dropping Hollywood production set to go “viral” overnight just won’t cut it. B2B video marketing requires time, tact and smart execution. In other words, it’s a marathon not a sprint so gear up accordingly. You must implement a sustainable video strategy backed with the necessary amount of support to make it successful.
  • Lack of Expertise
    In general marketing professionals are not video experts. The vast majority of videographers are into films and only do corporate work to pay the bills until a “fun project” comes along and they want nothing to do with your “talking head” assignments. There is often a major disconnect in terms of who holds the responsibility of making your video project a true home-run. As of today, there is a shortage of video marketing expertise especially in the B2B space
  • Time and Logistics
    Anyone who ever held the responsibilities of video project management quickly realize how time consuming it can be. For a novice, it’s a logistical nightmare. Adding on video content production roles to an already grueling work schedule drives most marketing folks to a breaking point so they give up or put things off to … never
  • Poor Content Distribution
    Even magic pills require ingestion in order to work. The sad reality is that most videos are not consumed enough to have an impact. In many cases, even brilliantly executed video assets end up in snooze mode on YouTube or in a hidden corner of the company website. Without an aggressive distribution strategy all you’ll end up with is “sleep content” that brings no result what’s so ever, gets the bosses frustrated, budgets cut, and people fired.
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OK enough negativity; here are a few fixes that will help you WIN with video:

1-     Adjust your expectations.

2-     Plan budgets and human resources for the long haul.

3-     Design a unique video content strategy for your specific goals.

4-     Focus your attention on a target audience and deliverer relevant insight.

5-     Share and re-purpose your video assets as much as you can on all social media platforms that perform well within your industry.

6-     Produce a variety of videos to be deployed at different stages of the sales or branding process

7-      Most importantly, instead of fighting an uphill battle, reach out to B2B video marketing experts like Global CVM and simplify your equation while improving the overall success rate of your video content strategy.

Video is not a panacea. However, when executed properly it has the power to transform your company for the better. The trick is to concoct a strategy that addresses your specific business challenges and allow the appropriate amount of time for your efforts to bear fruit. Remember, when in doubt call an expert.

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